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Choose the Frame by Your Skin Tone

Dec 21 ,2018 Writen By: admin admin


Pick frames by the shape of face helps determine which frames look best. It’s is also worth noting that skin tone is playing an important role for choosing frames, which even more important than hair color and more decisive than eye color.

It’s hard to group skin tones into categories, since each of us has uniquely varying hues, but generally speaking there are three different categories you can use to determine your skin tone:



Light or fair skin tones tend to historically derive from northern European countries which faced frequent snow or cloud coverage, and therefore did not need much melanin protection.




Medium complexions are typical of Southern Europe and Northern Asian descent. Sometimes referred to “olive”, this skin tone is a neutral, well-balanced beige appearance.




Dark complexions typically originate from parts of the world that have the most exposure to ultraviolet radiation, such as the Middle East, India, and Africa.




light skin

Warm Undertones

Cool Undertones

avoid any blues or lighter colors
avoid gold and green
      These simple and decent square glasses, are made of premium plastic material, with a trendy color. The frame comes in glossy, hand-polished finish with humanized temples. Simple and perfect for a relaxing day out. It is suitable for all kinds of faces, especially for those round faces.
     The black full-rim glasses, in cat eye design, have a big and bold personality. The frame features hollowed-out pattern bridge and temple arms. And the whole rim is also surrounded with hollowed-out pattern, which makes it stylish and mysterious. On the front top rim, there are black three-dimensional floral pattern craved.Although it is kind of weighty, it is suitable for party and some special occasions.

               The silver-black eyeglasses have eye-catching style and smart details. The full-rim round design is flattering for both men and women, and features a keyhole bridge that eliminates pressure from the top of the nose. Choose from black and clear with a diamond plaid pattern on the arms, or rich brown tortoiseshell.
                These glasses are made of high quality plastic and metal. The irregular metal inner frame is perfectly matched with the brown plastic half frame.This kind of irregular frame can be very good to decorate the face, and adjustable nose pads minimize pressure on the nose and make wearing more comfortable.This pair of glasses is suitable for any occasion, do not hesitate to own it right away!




Medium Skin

Warm Undertones


Cool Undertones

avoid cooler jewel tones
avoid muted or warm hues

The oversized square frame, designed for both men and women, has a satin finish and a bold, big personality. Made of high-quality plastic, the full-rim glasses comes in glossy black/tortoise on the front rim and gold square ornaments on the temple arms, easily drawing eyes' attention. It's also comfortable to wear.

       There’s nothing like a pair of dramatic tortoise cat-eye frames to make your eyes the center of attention. This vintage full-rim design, especially the part of the corner, for women, available at a terrific price, is constructed of hypoallergenic plastic and metal.

              These Selina Kyle cat-eye glasses are cute and have a little bit of a wild side. Inspired by Catwoman, this brand new bold cat-eye glasses can bring you a smart and mysterious look. And these glasses are suitable for color-changing lenses or polarized lenses.
    These cat eye glasses are made of high quality plastic. Beautiful grey tortoise color is very versatile, make you more attractive. Wide frame, slightly exaggerated but irresistible, very fashionable. The glasses are perfect for women, whether it's traveling, partying or shopping.



Deep Skin

Warm Undertones

Cool Undertones

purple and black
 With superior material, the frame has a refined silhouette and a very glossy finish. Leopard pattern on the whole frame, the pair of glasses feature picture ornaments carved on the corner of the front rim, bringing a retro style.
These tortoise glasses are made of high-quality plastic material. The rectangle frame features glossy finish, progressive width rims, as well as tortoise temples. These glasses easily flatter both men and women with simple and elegant design. It is suitable for all kinds of faces, especially for those round faces.

   The purple leopard glasses are made of high-quality plastic, the frame comes in classic cat-eye shape and features a layer of leopard pattern on the surface of the glasses while purple color inside, bringing a feeling of brightness and fashion. Integrated design offers comfortable wear.
The cat eye glasses are made of high-quality plastic and offer incomparable comfort. Black makes the entire frame looks classic . The golden T character between the frame and the temple arms is very impressive.These are a super choice for working, dating, shopping and so on.






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