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Have Your Eyes Been Overused?

Dec 26 ,2018 Writen By: admin admin


 "Why these two days my eyes have been very tired and soreness?" People often sigh. In this case, your eyes have already sounded an alarm for you. They tells you that you have used it excessively and your eyes are tired.

Want to know how tired your eyes are? Follow Voogueme, do a little test below. (followed by the question, the cumulative total score: A=1 point B= 2 points C= 3 points)


1, Which of the following is the ideal location for your reading?

    A. desk   

    B. bed   

    C. sofa


2, What kind of situation do you like about watching TV?

    A. Only care about the definition of the TV.                 

    B. Under dim lighting.

    C. In bright environment.


3, How love TV plays?

    A. Just watch your favorite TV show.

    B. It doesn't matter what you see.

    C. See everything.


4, Generally how to look at the screen?

    A. Head-up   

    B. Look-up   

    C. Looking down


5, How long does it take to use computers everyday?

    A. Within 5 hours   

    B. About 8 hours 

    C. More than 10 hours


6, How often do you use a computer?

    A. Take a rest about ten minutes every hour.

    B. Take a rest for 5 hours.

    C. Continuous use.


7, The use of mobile phones?

    A. Normal phone text messages.

    B. Long time reading online.

    C. Mobile phones are not separated.


8, How long IS the rest time per day?

    A. Within 6 hours

    B. About 8 hours

    C. More than 10 hours


9, Is there dry and astringent eyes phenomenon?

    A. often   

    B. occasionally 

    C. never


10. What are the symptoms  after using your eyes for a long time?

    A. Normal

    B, A slight sour, but not obvious.

    C. Very sore and even blurred vision





10---16 points: Normal

Your eyes are well cared for, but you can't take it lightly. Nowadays, it's easy to overuse your eyes in today's high-tempo life. Be sure to keep it, protect your eyes.


17--- 24 points: Slight Fatigue

Be careful. Your eyes have been slightly fatigued. Even though you have been careful to protect your eyes, you still need to take some measures. Occasionally close your eyes for a minute or two while facing the computer, or go out to relax your eyes. If possible, you can do eye exercises during busy work, gradually eliminate the slight fatigue.


25---33 points: Severe Fatigue

Alarm! Your eyes have already shown a red card for you. You can't take it lightly. Now you should do anything to alleviate eye fatigue. At this time, taking physical therapy such as eye exercises, closing eyes, etc., you can use eye drops to relieve eye fatigue. It is important to pay attention to your sitting posture and eating habits. Or sometimes when eyes are soreness, you can keep the circulation of blood in your eyes by hot compress , which can alleviate eye fatigue.


Eyes are the window of the mind, so it is very necessary to protect eyes. Healthy and bright eyes can directly affect a person's temperament and atmosphere. In order to exude charm at all times, protect your eyes from now on!

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