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These Questions You Have Asked or Will Ask

Nov 13 ,2018 Writen By: admin admin


For a long time, we have been asked so many times about some similar questions. Like:

“What are your payment options?” “Can I learn more about the products?” “Can I just buy the frames?”...

So we think these questions will be met by most of our customers, and we would like to make a list about the replies! Hope that will be helpful!





Q1: “What are your payment options?”


Reply: Paypal or Credit Cards





Q2: “Can I learn more about the products?”


Reply: Customers can click our website link to learn more about the products.







Q3: “Do you have glasses for men?”


Reply: We do provide the glasses for men! Customer can click the link to check.


Link: http://bit.ly/2QuIlzC





Q4: “Can I just buy the frames?”


Reply: Customers can click ‘frame only’ when they place the order.


For example: 






Q5: “I am wondering about the status of my order.”


Reply: Customers will receive a mail when they place order successfully, (Sometimes it will be put the spam) which includes the order number. Customers can track the status of order with the order number on Voogueme Website, and there is the link:


https://www.voogueme.com/wap_order_track  or you can provide the order number or your email to ask for our help.





Q6: “Do you ship to …?”


Reply: we ship worldwide, customers should not have worries.





Q7: “Can I try them on before I buy them?”


Reply: Customers can have a try-on with their own photos on Voogueme Website.


For example: 






Q8: “Can I buy the frames and get them made with my description?”


Reply: You could buy the frame only, and add the prescription by your local eyeglasses store when you receive her. Or all of our glasses can be added RX, and customers can input their descriptions when select lenses.


For example:






Q9: “Are your frames for prescription only or are they also for Readers?”


Reply: For frame only; for short-sighted glasses; for readers.





Q10: “Where we can buy?”


Reply: Voogueme Website or Facebook Shop


Link: http://bit.ly/2Qq2bMi or http://bit.ly/2QvguiR





Q11: “How much does it cost to add prescription to the glasses?”


Reply: The price is up to the lenses when customers pick lenses.





Q12: “Do you offer wholesale?”


Reply: We do offer wholesale. Please click the link to learn more.


Link: https://www.voogueme.com/wholesale





Q13: “Could I please request a coupon?”


Reply: Of course! We welcome every customer gives us private message no matter giving feedbacks or requests a coupon!





In conclusion, thanks for all of yours questions, which make us be better! 


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