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Why Choose Photochromic Lenses?

Dec 03 ,2019 Writen By: admin admin
What is Photochromic Lenses?
Photochromic lenses are made by photochromic glass. The color of lenses will be changed under the irradiation of light, and their original color restored when the light source is removed. 


Photochromic lenses are made by adding a photochromic material to the glass raw material. This material has two different molecular or electronic structural states. There are two different absorption coefficients in the visible region. Under the action of light, it can change from one structure to another, resulting in reversible changes in color.
When photochromic lenses irradiated with ultraviolet light and short-wave visible light in sunlight, their color becomes darker and the light transmittance is lowered. Light transmittance of the lens will be improved indoors or in the dark and the color of the lenses will be recovered. The photochromism of the lens is automatic and reversible.
What benefits photochromic lenses have?
Photo by: IG@makeupntipsbym
Photo by IG@makeupntipsbym
Photochromic lenses can adjust the transmittance through the discoloration of the lens so that the human eye can adapt to changes in the ambient light. That will help usreduce visual fatigue and protect the eyes.
Also, it really helps when we forget to take sunglasses if we stay outside in a sunny day!
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