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Features of Shade Lenses

Amber Lens
The amber lens reduces glare effects. In addition to UV, its unique molecules absorb higher frequencies of colors, such as blue. These glasses improve visual contrast and sharpness but could cause slight color distortion. They are suitable for wearing in heavily polluted or foggy conditions. Generally, it can block the reflected light from the smooth and bright surface. The wearer can still see the subtle parts. Wearing this pair of glasses on cloudy day can also have an extremely clear view, but it is not suitable for strong sunlight.
Gray Lens
The gray lens absorbs any color spectrum equably, so the viewing scene will only be darkened. There will be no obvious color difference when wearing and it can effectively reduce the light intensity, making the scene look soft and providing better visual experience. Also, it’s suitable to wear when you are in strong sunlight environment. Therefore, it is comfortable and suitable for many purposes.
Blue Lens
You can wear blue sunglasses when you are playing on the beach. Blue lens can effectively filter out the light blue of sea and sky, which is suitable for seaside and water sports. Blue lenses should be avoided when driving, as it will make us unable to distinguish the color of traffic signals.
Yellow / Orange Lens
Yellow or orange lens is a natural-looking, high-contrast lens that is best suited for everyday walking on the street and other environments where light changes intermittently. Yellow and orange lenses reduce blue light while allowing more spectrums of light to pass through the lens. Because blue light can bounce and disperse a lot of light, it can produce a dazzle effect. In fact, yellow eliminates the blue portion of the spectrum, making all objects appear bright and clear. This is why the snow-proof sunglasses are generally yellow. This type of color makes the color perception a bit distorted, so sunglasses of this color are not suitable for activities that require accurate color recognition.
Green Lens
The green lens can filter out some of the blue light and reduce the dazzle effect. Among all color lenses, green lenses offer the highest contrast and maximum sharpness, so they are popular. While absorbing light, the green lens maximizes the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling. It is suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue, but sometimes the color of the scene will be changed after through the green lens.
Silver Lens
The silver lens surface is coated with a high-density mirror. The lens absorbs and reflects more visible light, which is suitable for outdoor sports. Moreover, silver lenses are good for general purpose use. They can reduces eye fatigue and provides true color perception.
Purple Lens
The purple lens is better to absorb ultraviolet light, and can reduce the overall light intensity, so the wearer feels more comfortable. Its color is relatively deep, which is more popular with mature women. Purple lens provide the best object contrast on a green or blue background. Therefore they are a good choice for hunting and water skiing.