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Game 1: Share Selfie, Get $5 Coupon.

- Shoot selfie with your glasses from Voogueme.

- Write a review with your photos.

- Contact us via support@voogueme.com, attach the screenshot of your review.


Game 2: Share Youtube Video, Get $12 Coupon.

- Create an interesting video (up to 60 seconds long) that has to do with glasses. You can create a scene play, a movie clip – or whatever you like. But, please remember, it needs to be INTERESTING!

Here’re Some Topics For You:

1. Makeup tips for wearing glasses

2. Glasses looks / how to style glasses

3. Your glasses story: love, care, or romance

4. Scene play

5. Movie filming

6. Any other interesting topics

- Upload the video to Youtube.

- Contact us via support@voogueme.com. Give us the link of your video, and attach your video to the email. 


We guarantee that your photos and videos will only be used by Voogueme, to share with Voogueme fans, which helps them greatly in ordering the perfect glasses.


Have questions? Send an email to support@voogueme.com.


Tips For Your Shooting:

1. Shooting under bright light will make you more beautiful.

2. Take good care of your glasses while shooting.