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-Shoot selfie with your glasses from Voogueme, and write a review with at least 2 photos.

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Create an interesting video (up to 60 seconds long) that has to do with glasses. You can create a scene play, a movie clip--or whatever you like. But , please remember, it needs to be INTERESTING!

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I love them I have progressive transitions. They are beautiful!

I absolutely LOVE these frames! I can wear them casually or even with my preaching robe.

I get a lot of compliments. However, the pattern is quite different than shown. I was expecting blues, greens, and browns. I got bright pink, black and green.

I love these frames.

I get compliments about these frames all the time, even from strangers!

It is what I was expecting and they look great, have had a few complements.

Fits well if you like cat eye glasses.

As described. Much better and much less expensive than from the drug store.

Love the style and look. Comfortable on my face.

These look good and perform well. Good deal for the price- even better than the glasses that I purchased from store.

They are a great value for the money and attractive.I love these glasses.

I love these glasses and this company. These glasses are cute, and they're a good deal for the money.

Cool..looking. Enjoying the fashionable look.

This is the second 3-set of the Voogueme glasses I have purchased. Not the highest quality but good value for money.

Very inexpensive and works well for my face. My sister saw them on me and liked them so I ordered a set for her as well.

I do really like these glasses. I especially like the shiny decorations. I think they look better than most glasses.

Nice style with plenty of decorations. Fit well for me. No distortion detected.

I like the glasses, the fit is perfect. Very nice glasses: lens are clear, legs are comfortable.

Excellent glasses. I bought three pairs of glasses. Delivered on time. In my opinion, excellent bargains.

The glasses were nice in person, they are very comfortable and work well. Great value.

Love these glasses. They work well and are very comfortable.